“Ankhi Yodhe” is a movie depicting the important part of mid 18th century Sikh history when Chaudhary Massa Ranghar an appointee of the Mughal rulers committed sacrilege of Sri Darbar Sahib , Ramdaspur (later known as Amritsar). Bh. Sukha singh and Bh. Mehtab singh punished him for his misdeed. We are making this movie by using the latest techniques.

To bring the 18th century period alive we are using the medium of animation along with the videography in this movie.   

The aim of the rulers was to eliminate the Sikhs and to kill the high spirits among Sikhs. During the hard period of atrocities on the Sikhs, the community saw many ups and downs. Most of the times they had to face the restrictions but at a stage they were offered Nawabi and control over some part of Punjab. At a time the strength of Sikhs became so low that the rulers claimed total wipe out of Sikhs. But when the Sikhs got a chance of revival the strength reached around 16,000 organized army under Tanuna Dal and Budha Dal.

It was when the Sikhs were hiding in jungles, they came to know about the sacrilege incident. Bhai Sukha Singh and Bhai Mehtab Singh took the sewa to punish the guilty (Massa Ranghar of Mandiala).

Both the Singh entered Sri Darbar Sahib, dressed as Chaudharies to submit the taxes from their area and slaughtered Massa Ranghar at a proper moment.



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