We are ready with live – light sight and sound stage show “Banda Guru Ka” which was screened at various places in Punjab during the tri-centenary celebrations of Sirhind fateh and formation of first Khalsa empire in 1710 AD. We plan to organise it’s shows world wide with the support of committees and sangat.

Movie "BANDA GURU KA" is under production.

Born and brought up of Rajauri, an expert horse rider and archer Lachhman Das once killed a deer. The newly born fawns of the deer also died writhing in pain. This incident disturbed him and he dumped his bow and arrows to join a group of ascetic saints. He was re-named Madho Das who finally reached Nanded in disgression. Shaken and uncertain Madho Das became master of miracles and possesing supernatural powers but failed to attain peace of mind, rather became arrogant and started misusing those powers to reproach people.

Madho Das became GURU-KA-SIKH (Khalsa)
who then created history of pride.

He underwent this transformation after meeting Guru Gobing Singh Ji in 1708 AD. His devigation ended and found the real purpose of life. After partaking "Khande Ki Pahul" (Sikh baptism) he was named as Bhai Gurbax Singh (later known as Banda Singh Bahadur). He adopted the Sikh way of life and was determined towards the concepts of religion and dedicated himself to the Guru.

With the blessings of Guru Patshah "Guru Ka Banda" became a great warrior. He realized the right use of sword, that "sword of Khalsa eradicates tyranny and enlights truth and justice".

Dashmesh Guru ji appointed him as commander under the guidance of five Singhs, handed him over blissful five arrows , war-drum and a nishan sahib and sent him to Punjab along with 20 other Sikhs to destroy the tyrants. On his way to Punjab, Banda Singh Bahadur punished those who were committing atrocities on public and help to poor and oppressed.

He finished feudal system and handed over the land to the cultivators. People who were subjected to harassment at the hands of rulers started joining Khalsa army under his command. Then Sikhs conquered Narnaul, Hissar, Tohana, Sonipat, Samana, Kapoori and Sadhaura. They eliminated the executioners of Guru Teg Bahadur Ji and younger Sahibzadas. He fought and subjugated Mughal army of Wazir Khan in the battle field of Chapparchirri on 12th May 1710. Wazir Khan was done to death and Sirhind stands conquered.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur set up first Khalsa Empire with Mukhlisgarh (Qila Lohgarh) as its capital and released currency "Nanakshahi Sikka" in the name of Sikh Gurus. Seal of Khalsa Raaj was also in the name of Guru Sahiban, with was marking that reads as: "Dego Tego Fateh Nusrat Be-Darang, Yaafat Az Nanak Guru Gobind Singh" Strolled as a true Sikh, Baba Banda Singh Bahadur brought glory to the Sikh Nation and attained martyrdom in 1716 AD at Delhi.


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