No duplicate please-- Buy Only Original..!

It might be a big question in your mind that when one can have a pirated copy of a movie on cheaper price then why to buy orignal..?

We are sure that you are intrtested in such sikh historical movies and you also wish that such more and more movies on Sikhism be produced so that our younger generations could know about the Sikh history and ideology. We also aim to spread the message of Sikhi through such movies and electronic media. With the kind blessings of Guru sahib our team is proud to be the first to start making Sikh movies from 1998 with the specific aim of projecting Sikh history, culture and ideology in the right prospective and as per the sikh psyche.
These movies are not funded by any big orgonisations, but are produced with own funding and the support of like minded Gursikhs.

Making movies on Sikh religion and history is a hercullian task. Historical subjects cost more than fiction or social movies.
A limited number of Sikhs, that too from a 2% comunnity are the potential viewers, buyers or supporters.
We have no community based distribution system to reach the genuine buyers and have to face the exploitation at the hands of established companies.

More over the major hurdle is illegal copying and with that the producer gets no reimbursment (piracy is stealing of intellectual property).

You think it yourself if the cost involved in a project is not covered then how it would be possible to come out with the next projects. We are sure that you would not like that such essential projects of our community are not stopped.
That is why we request you to buy only orignals.

We hope you understand this geniune reason and would help us to kill piracy. Rather we expect your volunteer support to create a distributing system for these Sikh movies.
Please help us to make it possible that these orignal DVD's reach the Sikh sangat of your area through Gurudwara sahib or other social means.
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