Amar Khalsa

This 2 hours tele-movie is based on the perception and vision of Bhai Veer Singh as depicted in his famous novel "Bijai Singh". The hardships and humiliations that handful of Sikhs of a new religion had to undergo for their survival against the onslaught of state repression by Mughal ruler Mir Mannu.

Life became so difficult for Sikhs that they had to abandon their homes and take shelter in jungles and caves. They were being hunted down with handsome rewards for their slain head or for information about their hideouts. Unable to capture or annihilate the Sikh menfolk, hair raising atrocities were committed on their womenfolk and children primarily to finish them by taking course of destroying their seeds i.e. children. Sikh women were dragged out of their homes and were forced to grind heaps of wheat as punishment of being a Sikh. Limbs of their young children were torn apart and garlands made with their flesh were hung around necks of young mothers who remained undeterred and defiant.

In spite of the fact that the identity of a Sikh with his turban and beard made him very vulnerable, he did not cut his hair or discard his turban just to save his life.

This tele-movie vilifies the argument that hair and turban are not relevant in the present environment. On the contrary this would have been more appropriate in that era when one could even loose his life because of his turban and beard, whereas now they are the emblem of a religion with distinguished traditions.



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