Dharam Di Chaddar

Dharam Di Chaadar is a tele-movie of two hours duration which portrays the unjust environment existing during the region of Emperor Aurangzeb. The complete might of Hindu religion had buckled down in front of the fervent endeavors of the state to propagate and spread Islam not only by persuasion but even by coercion.

Brahmins approached the ninth Sikh Guru and pleaded to save them from the plight. Guru Teg Bahadur, the supreme authority of Sikhs at that time, who propogated opposition to injustice as also "Sarbat da Bhalla", took upon himself to assuage Mughal rulers for the cause of the Pundits.

Portrayal of lifestyle during medieval times, and the attitude of rulers towards Hindus is well projected. Upholding of human rights,raising voice against injustice, giving right to profess one's faith which are the main principles of Sikh religion are clearly projected in the film with special reference to the sacrifices by Guru Teg Bahadur ji and his Sikhs Bhai Mati Das,Bhai Sati Das and Bhai Dayla ji.

Ironically similar conditions are still prevailing in the world, where, with the patronage of state machinery the destruction of religious places, monuments, statues as also forcible coercion of other's religion is still continuing to achieve supremancy of one's own religion. The film leaves a message for the society to respect other's religion.

In this highly competitive and fast-track life where no one has time even for himself,the Sikh youth is moving towards apostasy because it remains unguided and at times misguided in the present hostile environment. Parents and teacher are unable to explain the ingredients of our glorious past which is full of sacrifices and which had kept Sikhs steadfast so far. Now, "why's" and hows's" of our youth have to be explained logically,because in this scientific age blind faith seems to be losing its ground.



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