This tele-movie named “SHAHEEDAN DE SIRTAJ” summarizes one of the basic foundation of Sikh doctrine of martyrdom for the cause of justice being willingly accepted as a divine reward for the betterment of the human society as examplified in the life of Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Sikh religion founded by Guru Nanak on principles of equality and justice for all, universal brotherhood, honest and peaceful co-existence and equitable distribution of all resources. In the 17th century it got a major boost especially after the establishment of Sikh religious center at Chak-Ramdass(Amritsar) and completion of its Holy Scripture Aadi Granth by the fifth Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Its popularity among the masses was further enhanced during the drought and femine of Lahore, when the fifth Guru Ji wholeheartedly provided relief for the long eight months to all there, without any distinction of caste, creed, race or religion and got their farm revenue exempted from the empror Akbar, as also by digging wells for fresh water where ever required besides many other means of service to the humanity.

His provisioning of relief and shelter to lepers and destitutes at Tarn-Taran earned him and Sikh religion great aplombs in the hearts of all well meaning humans.

The sudden rush of masses to embrace this new faith became a cause of serious concern to Brahmins, the religious professionals whose followings and earnings were hit hard, as also Delhi Durbar where moderate Mughal empror Akbar was succeeded by Jahagir a fanatic zealot, who wanted to turn Hindustan “green” at all costs. These conditions provoked strong undercurrents in the prevailing religions, who got down to plotting and scheming against the Sikh Guru as well as the religion not only to stop its spreading but to annihilate it.

Notwithstanding the earlier internal squabbles created by Pirthi Chand to hold the sect of Sikh Guruship which was very diligently settled, insignificant incidents like refusal of Guru’s son’s marriage to khatri diwan Chandu Shah or visit of inconvenient prince Khusro to Guru’s abode were exaggerated and high lighted with a view to somehow implicate and incriminate the Guru of seemingly grave charges of plotting against the state! This vicious scheme of Mughals of executing the Sikh Guru through the Hindu khatri would have served the double edged blow of stopping the spread of Sikhism as also of provoking an open uprising of valiant but peace loving Sikhs against the Hindus. However, the inherent tolerance advocated in Gurbani and the high level of consciousness of Sikhs, not only prevented any backlash but also strengthened the resolve of everyone to be led by the personal example of abiding by the Will of the Almighty Ek-Oankar as displayed by Guru Arjan Dev Ji during his torturous “Martyrdom” executed by Chandu Shah, who poured hot sand on the head of the Guru Ji seated on a large iron platter being heated over fire during the scorching hot month of June! It os an irony of fact that among the majority community, not even a single soul stirred to raise a voice against perpetuation of such an inhuman barbaric torturous end to a divine and pious Sikh personality who neither flinched nor questioned God or His justice in spite of fervent requests by Muslim Faqir Sai Mian Mir to have the Guru rescued by using his clout in Delhi Durbar.

This first unique “Martyrdom” of Sikh history not only set an example to instill pride in the future generations of Sikhs, but infused a new spirit and trend in the world to fight injustice and tyranny with non-violent means but by portraying the massive strength of self control and power as also unflinchingly risking own life for the sake of preserving souverignity and freedom of human rights of everyone , irrespective of religion and race.

Guru Arjan Sahib was a great visionary who conceptualised the idea of creating a peaceful and prosperous co-existing society by developing a city around the Sikh center, where he patronaged the settlement of various artisans of all trades to ensure simultaneous growth of economics, fine arts, martial arts and spirituality under the same roof. He not only encouraged the trading of best breeds of horses, but ensured to impart complete training of horse riding and warfare to his only son and future Guru Hargobind Ji, who later carried forward the doctrine of Sikhism of resolute and substantial preparation of war to ensure lasting peace and stability of any region in this complex and treacherous world ruled by fanatic zealots.

Rise of Sikhism, culminating to establishment of a large but peaceful “Sikh Empire” from Kabul to the outskirts of Delhi and Tibet to Sindh where all religions were equally assisted by the state to bloom and flourish. The five decades rule of Maharajah Ranjeet Singh proved the fact that Sikh doctrine is not merely a theory but is the only solution to establish a global peaceful co-existent society of just and sovereign humans



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