Sunehri Virsa

Sunehri Virsa is a registred society which is dedicated to the cause of spreading message of peace with discipline in the present world which is in great turmoil due to our eroding values,growing intolerance and eruption of violence at the slightest cause,making even the "Clash of Civilizations" an imminent happening.

It plans to undertake removing misconceptions about religion and projecting the correct perspective of the glorious,most modern and scientific religion of Sikhs through sophisticated electronic media in shape of tele-movies, documentaries, quiz programs and such other activities.

It is this lost ground that Sunehri Virsa is dedicated to reclaim.It is very painful thought about our future which is weighing heavily on every Sikh's mind that we want to put at rest.Such a herculean task is easily achievable with united co-operation and blessing of all like-minded people of our society who want to see our glorious past transformed into glorious future.


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